Little Blue Society
Human-Animal Conflict Resolution

Sustaining a Healthy Coexistence Between Humans & Animals through Science, Innovation and Education. We Transform Conflict into Beneficial Coexistence.

As human populations continue to expand and natural habitats are lost, human-animal conflicts are increasing over land and resources throughout the world. Little Blue Society is a nonprofit public benefit organization that helps cities, counties, agricultural and ranching communities, permanently resolve their human-animal conflicts with all species of wildlife over geographical areas and resources. 

We design community-based conservation programs that utilize scientific, integrated strategies to build local human capacity, conserve wildlife, stop human-animal conflicts and naturally reduce the population of invasive species.

We modify both human and wildlife behavior through education of the public and use of VEXING™ on wildlife conditioned to human-use areas and food sources i.e. pets, livestock and crops.

We train law-enforcement officers and wildlife managers on the most current methods to stop human-animal conflicts and manage public encounters with wildlife deemed a human-safety concern.

We create win-win solutions for both people and animals.

Our scope is International. Contact Little Blue Society to design a Human-Animal Conflict Resolution strategy that is tailored to your needs.


Modifying the fence-breaking/crop-raiding behavior of older African bull elephants (Loxodonta africana), also known as Habitual Raiders (HRs).


Marin County Livestock and Predator Protection Plan

Read about how our model wildlife friendly ranching program introduced in 2000 is stopping human-animal conflicts with predators and helping the ranchers improve productivity in West Marin CA.

Coyote Coexistence Plan

Read about how this model program is helping numerous cities and counties stop their human-animal conflicts with coyotes by naturally stabilizing their numbers and learning to safely coexist with this adaptable species.

African Lion Management Plan
Read about how this model plan is helping communities stop human-animal conflicts with lions by eliminating livestock-loss, and ensuring human safety for the conservation of the species.


VDR Deer Population Reduction and Management Plan

Read about how this model program was designed for the Villages, San Jose CA to eliminate human-animal conflicts with deer by naturally reducing their numbers in a thousand acre gated community.

Canada Geese Management Program

Read about how our model damage and population control program is helping cities and counties stop human-animal conflicts with geese to build tolerance for the species.

Elephant Management and Conservation Plan

Read about how this plan stops human-animal conflicts with elephants by reducing crop-raiding incidents, which ensures protection of human lives and livelihoods, and builds tolerance for the species and ensures their conservation.

Raccoon Management and Coexistence Plan

Read about how our model damage and management program is helping cities and counties stop human-animal conflicts with raccoons to build tolerance for the species.

Mountain Lion Management and Conservation Plan

Stopping human-animal conflicts with mountain lions • First Response Training • Public safety • Community education • Ensuring Conservation

Zero-Population Feral Pig Management Plan

Read about the model program we designed for the Mid-Peninsula Open Space Agency to mitigate damage, reduce human-animal conflicts by nautrally reducing the feral pig population.

Pigeon Population and Management Program

Originally designed for the City of San Jose, CA. Read about how this model program helps cities and counties stop human-animal conflicts with pigeons by naturally reducing their numbers.


est. 1999
501(c)(3) Nonprofit 


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