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Coyote Habitat Conservation and Modification Plan

First-of-its-kind program introduced to North America for the City of San Francisco in 2016

The Coyote Habitat Conservation and Modification Plan was designed to reduce Coyote-Human-Pet Conflicts, improve ecosystem functioning and biodiversity in the natural areas and parks of San Francisco and other cities and counties.

The benefits of this Plan are 5-fold:

1) Home-range expansion into neighborhoods will be curtailed, which will reduce and or eliminate potential for coyote-human-pet conflicts.

2) The presence of dogs will be more tolerated in parks and natural areas shared by coyotes.

3) It will discourage the occupation of residential areas by dispersing/transient coyotes.

4) Because coyotes are “kept” in their natural environments, it will optimize the role coyotes play as surrogates of the large-scale conservation planning by the City to restore biotic communities, and

5) these areas can then be managed at a finer scale on the basis of the habitat requirements of other species at lower trophic levels i.e., endangered butterfly species, etc. 


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