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Coyotes race through Atherton
Resident reports pack chasing deer through neighborhood

April 7, 2011
Sandy Brundage, Staff Writer

“That was something,” said Joni Woodside as she described watching a pack of at least three coyotes chase a deer through her Atherton neighborhood last week.
“I’ve been on this street for 40 something years and I have never seen coyotes. It was quite frightening.”

After the incident, she said she walked along Walsh Road to warn neighbors that their pets might start disappearing in an area that’s home to chickens, rabbits, cats, and other small animals.

The coyotes haven’t reappeared, but Ms. Woodside said she heard them howling Tuesday night.

Lt. Joe Wade of the Atherton police department said there have been no other reports of coyotes running amok to date.

Keep pets safe by bringing them inside at sunset, and don’t let cats and dogs roam freely, said Mary Paglieri, a wildlife consultant and president of the Little Blue Society. She also suggested keeping chickens and other outdoor animals in sturdy cages or coops.

“Coyotes prefer their natural prey and do not actively seek out domestic animals. It is our responsibility to keep our pets out of harm’s way,” Ms. Paglieri said.