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San Ramon meeting aims to conciliate residents with the wildlife in their neighborhoods

July 13, 2000
Andrew Gordon, Staff Writer
Forum topic: Coexisting with coyotes

San Ramon – Mary Paglieri wants to assuage people’s fears about wily coyotes.

After a well publicized encounter in May at Doherty Park in Dublin – in which a coyote killed a family’s dog – Paglieri said the public’s concern about coyotes is fueled mostly by a lack of education.

To further educate the public about coyotes, the city of San Ramon and Paglieri’s organization, Little Blue Society, is offering a free public forum tonight about coexisting with coyotes.

The Little Blue Society specializes in “seeking out moral, ethical and effective long-term solutions for living with nature” Paglieri said.

The meeting will be from 7 to 9 p.m. at the San Ramon Community Center, 12501 Alcosta Blvd.

“I advised the City that it would good to inform people about coyotes,” Paglieri said.  “I think people read the story and thought that coyotes were coming into their neighborhoods.”

Another reported encounter include a coyote charging two hikers at Doherty Hills park in May and a San Ramon resident who said a coyote jumped a 7-foot fence and attacked a cat on a deck in April.

Paglieri explained that coyotes tend to shun people, and coyotes will only come into populated areas when given a reason, such as people leaving out food for their pets or them.

The meeting will include a panel of speakers, including the San Mateo County parks superintendent, Santa Cruz County’s agricultural inspector, a wildlife manager and wildlife specialist from the Animal Protection Institute and a wildlife and open space specialist from the state Department of Fish and Game.

The meeting is geared towards those who not only live near open space.  “The idea is that those people who have the privilege to live near or use open space also have the responsibility regarding wildlife” Paglieri said “We want people to learn how to better coexist with nature.”