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“We transform conflicts into beneficial, and sustainable solutions for both people and animals”


Little Blue Society is a grass-roots, nonprofit organization founded in 1999 by Mary Paglieri, who coined the phrase Human-Animal Conflict (HAC) and Human-Animal Conflict Resolution.

We pioneer cutting-edge behavioral strategies to resolve human-animal conflicts over shared use of geographical areas and resources.

Through the application of our behavior modification strategies, training and educational programs  we facilitate fundamental and systemic change in the way humans relate to and manage “problem” wildlife.

The methodologies we develop to resolve conflicts deal with the practical application of science. We access and creatively bring together established scientific theories, knowledge, methods, and techniques, from multiple scientific disciplines to mitigate human-animal conflicts, and improve ecosystem functioning and biodiversity. Our program designs do not address new theoretical concerns, rather, our goal is the immediate application of established findings to real world practice to permanently resolve conflicts in urban, suburban and rural areas throughout the world.

Our approach is fast becoming the recognized standard for resolving human-animal conflicts. We are effectively bridging the gap between wildlife conservation and human needs through science, innovation and education to ensure planetary health and stewardship.

Little Blue Society designs community-based species conservation programs that protect wildlife habitat, biodiversity and build human capacity. We specialize in the management of high-conflict species that are both abundant and endangered (IUCN Red List), while protecting human lives, livelihoods and economic activities.