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1. Interactive Public Forum

We partner with municipalities, law enforcement and wildlife agencies to present public forums, paneled by experts to quickly diffuse volatile issues, and educate the public on the ecological importance of the conflict species, and provide them with the most current methodologies to avoid conflicts

3. Strategy

We design a customized plan of action, and tailor strategies to address the specific conflict. VEXING™ is used to change individual or group wildlife behavior that is problematic in the human landscape i.e., conditioned behavior to anthropogenic sources of food: livestock, crops and pets

5. Media Outreach

We work with the reporting media to create positive PR for all parties involved in the conflict, and to further our mission to educate the public on safe and peaceful coexistence with wildlife

2. Site Evaluation

We interview the residents in the affected area, track and map animal movements and activities to identify the true underlying cause of the conflict


4. Plan Implementation

We build community capacity with information on animal behavior, and detailed recommendations for habitat modification and human-behavior change; tools to mitigate any future conflicts that may arise with minimal impact to wild populations and ecosystems.


We partner with municipalities, communities, educational institutions, humane societies, and neighborhood associations to educate the public on safe and peaceful coexistence with wildlife, and to highlight the ecological importance of the conflict species. Safety and educational presentations can be general or species-specific as needed


We provide training to law-enforcement, animal control and wildlife agencies on using cutting-edge behavioral modification tools VEXING™ to effectively mitigate conflicts with wildlife and manage public encounters with animals deemed a human-safety concern